Stand Out With Mauve Makeup

Bright red lipstick and soft pink cosmetics are classic choices, but when you really want to make a statement, select mauve makeup from HSN. Browse our range of striking mauve nail polishes, eye shadows, lip glosses, and other products from leading cosmetics brands including Smashbox, Essie, and Benefit Cosmetics.

Mauve is an unusual makeup color, but don't let it intimidate you. This beautiful hue, which sits somewhere between classic pink and dramatic purple, has a natural warmth which flatters any eye color and complexion. Choose a mauve lip gloss to plump your lips, just like Kim Kardashian does, or use mauve eye shadow to create a beautiful smoky look to make your eyes pop.

Since mauve is a shade of purple, wearing mauve makeup can make you appear as rich and regal as any purple does. If you consider yourself a princess or a queen, mauve cosmetics are the ideal way to express your personality!

Mauve makeup is right on trend, but learn how to use it well and you can enjoy the look long after the fashion passes. For eye-catching cosmetics you'll love now and in the future, choose mauve makeup from HSN.

Mauve Makeup