Magnifying Mirror

When it's time to "put your face on" in the morning, magnifying makeup mirrors are a woman's best friend. Have you ever put on makeup in a dimly-lit room, then realize you've added too much blush to your cheekbones? Lighted magnified mirrors solve that problem. See your skin and makeup colors in full detail so you can create a flawless finish. When you tweeze your brows, magnifying mirrors make those pesky little hairs easy to see and remove. Every top and bottom eyelash will get its share of mascara, but not too much, for a clump-free application.

Shop the selection of magnified mirrors that offer elegant stands, storage compartments, or LED lights. Swivel bases let you see your face at every angle. Check your face and do little touch-ups on the go with a compact travel mirror. Pop a mirror in your purse that features your monogram or sparkling stones. At night, magnifying vanity mirrors makefacial cleansing easy. You can make sure that you remove all traces of the day's makeup and go to sleep with a fresh, clean face. Browse magnifying makeup mirrors at HSN today.