Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

A Lightweight That Thinks it's a Heavyweight

The right vacuum cleaner is the next best thing to a magic wand. Get your home top-to-bottom clean with these lightweight vacuums from HSN. You will be prepared for quick cleanup when company's coming as well as deeper spring cleaning. Geared for hardwood floors, your favorite rugs, and low- and high-pile carpet, these lightweight vacuum cleaners will serve your household well. You can even keep one in your office and use it on commercial carpet. These vacuums' streamlined shape enables you to tuck them discreetly into a corner or small closet.

These lightweight vacuums make your job such a breeze that the rest of your household appliances will be jealous. They easily manage the daily toll of foot traffic. If your floors are ransacked by kids or pets, these vacuums are powerful enough to keep up. Use these vacuums comfortably on stairs. Adjust their telescoping handles for tough-to-reach spots. Ergonomically designed to protect your body from wear and tear, you can keep your house clean without hurting your back.

Who says cleaning can't be fun? For floors so clean even your mother-in-law will approve, check out these lightweight vacuums from HSN.