Lantern Set

Light up Your World With a Lantern Set

When the sun goes down and darkness falls, there is nothing more cheery than having lanterns light up your walkway, back patio, or your tent and camping area. Lantern sets are also helpful for emergency situations when the power goes out and you need a reliable source of light. Lantern sets from HSN can be functional, such as a portable searchlight lantern, or entertaining, such as holiday and seasonally themed lanterns.

When on a camping, trip, it is very important to have battery charged lanterns around your area so that you can set up your tent, cook, and read by the lantern light in the evening. When heading out for a camping trip, be sure to stock up on emergency food supplies and other essential outdoor items.

Solar charged lantern sets are perfect for backyards, patios, and walkways, as the sun charges the batteries during the day so you always have soft illumination at night. Decorative lantern sets are pretty when placed on your outdoor patio furniture as their patterns are displayed when turned on. With so many lantern sets to choose from, why not have several for any occasion? Shop HSN today for your ideal lantern set.