Show Off Your Elegant Hands Wearing Beautiful Colors of Lacquer Nail Polish

Since ancient times, women have been wearing nail polish and lacquer to beautify their hands. In ancient Egypt, nail polish was used not only to decorate the hands but also to distinguish class rankings. Women of high standing typically wore red colored polish to depict their high-ranking status. Wearing colored nail polish implied you were a lady of leisure as opposed to one who had to work in the fields or as a laborer.

Today, nail polish can be worn for a fun and flirty look, or for a graceful and sophisticated image. Whatever style and color you choose for your nail polish, be sure to have plenty of accessories and products available to help you achieve that beautiful shiny look of lacquer nail polish.

Want to show off your beautiful polished nails? Slip on a stack offashion ringsthat will draw the eye to your newly painted nails. Nail lacquer has the unique ability not only to beautify your nails but also to help strengthen them as well. Choose your color, choose your style, and pick from a variety of colors from HSN's line of lacquer nail polish.

Lacquer Nail Polish