Midi Rings

You may have noticed the latest trend on fashionistas all over the world: knuckle rings, worn at the top of the finger near the first knuckle. They're also called midi rings, memory rings, and tea rings, and these stylish accessories have actually been around for quite a while. In Renaissance artwork, you can spot knuckle rings on members of the upper class, since this piece of jewelry indicated wealth. At HSN, shop the selection of knuckle rings to find the perfect piece to add to your collection of accessories.
Knuckle rings can be worn alone or stacked, although stacking the rings looks especially appealing when you choose delicate pieces that pair well together. HSN offers all types of knuckle rings and other jewelry, including necklaces and many other styles of rings. You can find a midi ring set that looks great with your favorite outfit. Wearing unique accessories is a fun way to show off your personal style while staying current with the latest trends. Although the knuckle ring has been around since the Renaissance, it's certainly back in style, showing up on the fingers of celebrities, influencers, and other fashionable people.