Knee High Socks

Combine Comfort and Style With Knee-High Socks

Knee-high socks are among the office attire staples that every working woman should own. Wear these dressy socks under your work pants when you need a little more warmth or just want a layer between your skin and shoes. 

Some knee-high socks, such as those from Copper Fit, offer additional benefits. These compression socks help support the muscles in your feet and calves and keep them warm. In turn, this helps reduce strain. Best of all, the knee-high compression socks available from HSN provide this solution to fatigue and discomfort without sacrificing style. Both neutral solids and subtle patterns are available.

In the office or out on the town, knee-high socks work great under your favorite pair of boots. Pair them with leather boots and a midi skirt, a wrap dress, dress pants, or jeans. You'll find knee-high socks to be a practical, comfortable, and stylish addition to your wardrobe. Scrunch them down so they don't show, or let them peek out over the top. You can even coordinate these socks with the color of your shoes for a subtler look. Black, white, navy, nude, and brown socks are available. For a little more fun, opt for a classy argyle or polka dot pattern.