Kite Earrings

Go From Drab to Dramatic in Seconds

Calling all party-goers! Do you love seeing the glamorous dangle of sophisticated earrings? These intoxicating kite earrings are gallery-exhibit-worthy. The movement of this gorgeous geometry will attract far more attention on your earlobes, though. Rough day? Kite earrings will remind you that a kite rises against the wind, not with it.

Whether you enjoy global flair, creative stone arrangements, single-gemstone looks, or more minimalist styles, kite earrings are a classic way to raise the ante of your appearance. Put on an even more arresting show by adding breathtaking bracelets. Show up en vogue with well-styled crystal-encrusted hoops, fringe elements, and exquisitely detailed gemstones. The beautiful color and cut of opals, orbicular stones, and olivine quartz will enamor you. Choose amethyst and topaz for popular birthstone picks. Mosaic designs complement every wardrobe piece. Blue, purple, and green jewels pay homage to nature.

Those seeking an alluring alternative to natural diamonds will love the top-quality cubic zirconia found here. These sparkling simulated gemstones disperse light much more abundantly than even real diamonds, creating an attention-getting rainbow of colors. The beautiful combination of cubic zirconia and sterling silver is a stunning look, day or night.