Jasmine Rose Sandalwood Perfume

Enjoy a Soothing Scent With Jasmine Rose Sandalwood Perfume
At once delicate and earthy, jasmine rose sandalwood perfume is the perfect pick when you want something light and floral with a sweet woody undertone. Our collection of perfumes includes several options with scents that feature these distinctive aromas. Whether you want to make this your signature scent or you're looking for a fresh change to mix up your routine on occasion, a jasmine rose sandalwood perfume can offer just the charm and sophistication you're looking for. Jasmine has long been used for its calming properties. The gentle aroma is undeniably soothing, making it the perfect pick when you have a particularly stressful day ahead. Roses have long been recognized as a romantic flower and the scent is considered an aphrodisiac. Add to your allure with a hint of rose in your scent, perfect for a first date or an evening when you want to feel a little more sultry. Sandalwood has a warm balsamic scent, but this, too, is considered both relaxing and sensual. Browse our collection of scents for jasmine rose sandalwood perfume, scent spray, eau de toilette, and eau de parfum. With varying concentrations and original fragrance blends, each one brings a new flavor to this combination.