Jasmine Patchouli Sandalwood Perfume

The right fragrance can set you apart, making as strong an impression as the clothes you wear or your smile. Make a lasting impression wearing one of the beautiful jasmine, patchouli, and sandalwood perfumes from HSN. HSN.com has a great range of perfumes from leading names like Lancome, Vicky Tiel, and Marilyn Miglin.

Jasmine patchouli sandalwood perfume doesn't just smell good; many people believe the unique sweet-spicy smell of patchouli is a powerful mood booster and aphrodisiac. Meanwhile, the earthy scent of sandalwood can help you relax and improve your memory and concentration. White jasmine has more feminine, floral notes, and its scent is very calming. Wearing perfume with patchouli and sandalwood and jasmine will help you feel as good as you smell. The scents are quite different, but they balance beautifully in the hands of experienced perfume makers.

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