Jade Jewelry

Jadeite and nephrite jade stones were mined in China for thousands of years to create stunning jewelry for nobility. Smooth and cool, jade was a sign of wealth also known for its healing powers. Now you can add jade jewelry to your collection with a choice of vintage-inspired pieces. Look for jade stones in shapes and sizes that flatter your hands. Shop simple and chic rings with round, smooth jade gemstones. Make a statement with a chunky cushion-shaped ring with a three-dimensional design carved in green jade. Pair a faceted jade bangle with drop earrings set in sterling silver. Hoop or stud earrings and jade necklaces look stunning with open neck sweaters and shirts.
Your gemstone collection isn't complete without a few jade pieces. Keep all of your jewelry handy when you need an accessory to complete your look. Use a jewelry case or armoire to keep your jade jewelry organized. Jade jewelry features classic shades of green and other colors to complement any outfit. Jade stones come in fashionable colors including yellow, red, and lavender hues. Why pick just one? Buy rings and jade bracelets with multi-colored stones.  Shop vintage-inspired jade jewelry now.