Hp Wireless Printer

Look, Ma, No Cords With HP Wireless Printers

Whether you are printing term papers or stacks of advertising fliers for the local rummage sale, an HP wireless printer can handle it all and more. HP, an industry innovator in the world of tech and personal computing, builds on its gold-star reputation with machines that can print, copy, and scan at the push of a button.

Gone are the days of plugging your computer directly into the printer to send a document to the printer. Using your phone, PC, tablet, or any device linked to your Wi-Fi network, you can instantly print directly to the printer. The best part of this wireless experience is that the printer can be located anywhere you would like, even a closet, to reduce clutter and situate it in the most convenient location for your needs. Choose an all-in-one model to print, scan, or copy documents and images, or a dedicated photo printer to snap and print in seconds.

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