Hollow Jewelry

Add Big Impact With Bold Hollow Jewelry
Hollow jewelry designs provide you with lightweight pieces that can still carry a big impact. This type of jewelry construction is found in everything, from rope chain necklaces to bold hoop earrings. The hollow design allows for a larger piece with a minimal amount of material, so you can enjoy the look of a thick gold chain without a heavy piece weighing you down. This can also make your items more affordable, since the inside of the beads and links is left open and not filled with material or another material. If you're after distinctive accent pieces for your wrists, ears, and neckline, hollow jewelry items are an ideal option. Hollow jewelry earrings offer an oversized wow factor without any discomfort when you're wearing them. With a hollow necklace, you can layer on wide rope chains easily without breaking your budget. Highly distinctive, these items are just the thing when you want to make a statement or turn heads. At HSN, you'll find a wide selection of hollow jewelry items in your choice of gold or silver finishes. Pick the perfect item for your personal look when shopping this collection of beautifully detailed and wonderfully memorable hollow jewelry items.