Hematite Jewelry

Lustrous hematite stone gets its color and strength from iron. Hematite is often a rusty red color when mined from the ground. The stone turns opaque black with a glass-like sheen once the gemstone is polished. Black hematite pairs beautifully with quartz, diamonds, and sterling silver. Add a classy look to a simple crew neck blouse with a necklace of faceted hematite beads that catch the light at every angle. Lariat hematite necklaces can be worn short or long with your favorite button-down shirt. Slip on a wide-band hematite ring featuring a chunky stone to showcase your funky style. 
Add a splash of color to a neutral-toned sweater with a turquoise pendant suspended from a strand of hematite beads. Hematite beads alternated with freshwater pearls create a classic black-and-white palette that goes with the latest dresses. Mix and match different pieces of hematite jewelry to dress up your wardrobe staples including shirts, jeans, and skirts. Versatile and chic, hematite stone is a good buy for your jewelry collection. Hematite jewelry is also a thoughtful gift idea for friends and family. Check out jewelry from top designers like Colleen Lopez and Deb Guyot. Shop the hematite jewelry collection now.