Stand out From the Crowd With a Handcrafted Ring

Women of discerning tastes don't want a cookie-cutter piece of jewelry that's fallen off a factory assembly line. They'd much rather invest in an artisan piece like a handcrafted ring from HSN.

HSN's handcrafted rings are some of the most exquisite jewelry pieces in our collection. They're made by some of the most popular jewelers in the world, like Nicky Butler and Jay King, who've sourced some of the planet's most eye-catching stones for these head-turning pieces. Gems like Australian opal, turquoise, citrine, and amethyst are expertly set to catch the light and showcase their natural beauty. The settings are so innovative, yet unique enough that they won't become dated.

With such bold designs, these fashion jewelry pieces deserve to be the star of your outfits. Resist the temptation to overload your fingers and keep any other rings simple, if you must wear them at all. Any other jewelry should also be sedate, a supporting player for these showstoppers

Since they use a variety of stones and metals, HSN has handcrafted rings at a range of price points to suit all budgets. If you're short on cash today, don't go without. FlexPay, HSN's flexible payment program, makes indulging in one of these beautiful rings easy.

Handcrafted Ring