Gold Plated Bangle Bracelet

Brighten up Your Outfit Wearing Gold Plated Bracelets

You can never have enough bracelets in your jewelry collection, so treat yourself to a gold-plated bangle bracelet from HSN's gorgeous collection. Gold plating is a great way to put pizazz onto a piece of jewelry while keeping it affordable. Adorn yourself with an enviable piece of jewelry with stunning, durable gold plating.

Bangle bracelets are so much fun to wear and can spice up any outfit. Wear them as a single or stack them up for an exotic or bohemian look. To add a sparkle to your outfit when heading out to dinner, wear a gold plated bangle bracelet decorated with plenty of beautiful gemstones. You will dazzle your dinner guests with the shimmering brilliance from so many stones. Slip on a pair of gold-plated earrings for a show-stopping look.

For a delicate look, wear a gold plated bangle bracelet with princess cut cubic zirconia stones set symmetrically around the bracelet. Wear a finespun gold-plated necklace chain to complement the delicate look. Complete your elegant ensemble with a simple chiffon dress and graceful sandals. Shop HSN's stunning collection for your gold plated bangle bracelet today.