Gold 24 Inch Necklace

Enjoy the Timeless Appeal of a Gold 24-Inch Necklace

Jewelry trends come and go but some pieces endure, like the elegant gold 24-inch necklaces from HSN. Browse the HSN collection to discover the right gold 24-inch necklace for you.

HSN has gold 24-inch necklaces from esteemed jewelry brands including Michael Anthony and Passport to Gold. Some of the necklaces have very fine, delicate links while others have a much bolder, chunkier chain. Some of the gold necklaces are perfectly plain, while others have pretty beads complementing the gleaming gold. You could wear these gold necklaces on their own or attach your favorite pendant.

A 24-inch necklace really is the perfect length. It doesn't sit high enough to feel constrictive, but it's also not so low that it'll disappear into your clothes.

HSN caters for all budgets, selling gold 24-inch necklaces made from different grades of gold and gold-tone stainless steel. In addition, FlexPay is available on all 24-inch gold necklace purchases, including clearance pieces. Your necklace will ship once you make your FlexPay order, then you make small, interest-free payments over time. It's the smarter way to shop, whether you're treating yourself or indulging a special gold lover in your life.