Enjoy the Comfort and Style of Fitted Leggings

For intense workouts, lazy days at home, and every occasion in between, you'll love our fitted leggings. Browse our collection for fitted leggings from leading fashion brands including Copper Fit, Jamie Gries, and Nina Leonard.

Women reach for their favorite pairs of fitted leggings time and time again. These bottoms are incredibly comfortable, especially when they're made with wide waistbands and seamless designs, as many of our styles are. They conform to your body shape, flattering your curves and celebrating your figure.

Since leggings don't restrict your movements, they're ideal for exercise. Pair them with your tank tops or tees for summer marathons, then wear them with a hooded sweatshirt for winter workouts. Many people also love wearing leggings underneath dresses for extra warmth. They can even work as a smart substitute for skinny jeans with long-line tops, especially if you choose fashion varieties made from ponte or crepe. You'll also love your leggings when you're relaxing on the couch.

Fitted leggings are also lightweight and compact, so they make great travel pants. Pack some into your luggage next time you hit the road. Whether you're at home or getting away from it all, fitted leggings will quickly become your go-to bottoms!


Fitted Leggings