Exercise Bike

Lose Weight and Stay Fit With an Exercise Bike

Take charge of your workout routine by bringing the gym home with you. There's no need to drive to a crowded gym and fight your way to an open exercise bike, surrounded by strangers. By the time you drive to the gym, change into activewear, work out, shower, and head home, the day is nearly gone.

It makes much more sense to invest in your own at-home fitness equipment  from HSN, so you can work out whenever you please and make the most of your time. Avid cyclists will also benefit from having a back-up option during inclement weather and the winter season.

Every home gym needs an exercise bike. You can get your heart racing with a solid cardio workout, and challenge your muscles with a low-impact exercise. Change the resistance or use built-in rowing functions to strengthen your muscles with the same equipment.

Choose a ProForm X-Bike, which comes with a 2-pound weight set and workout DVDs to get you started. Try an upright bike for a thrilling ride or a semi-recumbent bike if you need a gentler approach. If you don't have much room for equipment, the Stamina InStride Cycle models can be stored in a closet or under a bed. Shop HSN's wide selection for the exercise bike that's right for you.