Evil Eye White Jewelry

Steeped in ancient Mediterranean lore, this talisman has become a fashionable accessory among both the superstitious and the not-so-superstitious. Featuring concentric blue and white circles within an almond-shaped eye staring outward, the evil eye is believed to protect wearers and their property from would-be curses. Sometimes set in the hand-shaped hamsa, evil eye jewelry continues to be popular today. People of many worldwide cultures wear the evil eye, for both protection and fashion. Take a look at other gemstone pendants that will bring good luck.

Whether or not you believe evil eye white jewelry can protect you, you will surely capture the eye of those who appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of high-quality gemstone jewelry. Diamonds, sapphires, Ethiopian pearls, and 14 karat gold will bedazzle your neckline and hands. Evil eye white jewelry looks great on its own or paired with a variety of gold jewelry options.

Pendants come with chains and are available for immediate wear. All pieces are boxed, wrap-ready, and make for exotic gifts. Collectors will delight in adding a dazzling piece to their evil eye treasury. If you haven't started your own collection yet, evil eye white jewelry is a great place to start.