Evil Eye Pave Jewelry

The ancient evil eye symbol first appeared on clay tablets used by the Mesopotamians more than 5,000 years ago, although it may have originated even earlier than that. Cultures and societies across the globe believe that the evil eye curse is cast by someone shooting you a hostile glare - often without your knowledge. Some cultures believe you can prevent this curse by wearing evil eye jewelry. HSN offers a variety of evil eye pave jewelry featuring precious metals like 14-Karat gold as well as gem-encrusted designs.

Even those who don't believe in the curse of the evil eye still enjoy wearing stylish evil eye jewelry. This popular look includes a bead or design that resembles a human eye - often with a white background featuring a circular colored iris and a smaller black pupil in the center. At HSN, you can find a wide selection of evil eye pave jewelry adorned with diamonds, sapphires, onyx, and other beautiful stones. Choose from necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets that may help protect you from the curse of the evil eye. At the very least, they'll help you look sleek and stylish!