Enhancer Jewelry

Double Your Jewelry Collection With Enhancer Jewelry

Create a variety of jewelry styles with just one piece of enhancer jewelry. Enhancers are designed with a hinged clip, so they can be transferred from one chain or string of beads to another. You never have to wear the same necklace over and over. Simply unclip the piece of enhancer and move to a different necklace to create a whole new look.

If you have a string of beautiful white pearls, this necklace will look timeless and graceful resting on your neck and can be worn with any outfit. Take this same string of pearls and give it a dynamic look by adding a black pearl enhancer. You now have a pearl necklace that would look smashing with a cold-shouldered top, skinny jeans, and wedge platform sandals.

Festive enhancer jewelry is perfect for the holidays. You can use a simple chain that you wear year-round. Add a holiday-themed piece of enhancer jewelry to it and you are ready for festive parties. One piece of enhancer jewelry can create so many different styles just by adding them to an existing necklace. Shop HSN today to find the perfect piece of enhancer jewelry along with chains and strings of beads.