Embroidered Sham

Add Beautiful Detail to Your Bedroom With an Embroidered Sham

New bedding is a great and inexpensive way to give your bedroom a refresh. With a neutral duvet or comforter, you can switch out your regular pillowcases for an embroidered sham and give your bedding a beautiful new look. The collection of embroidered shams at HSN includes Euro and standard sizes to enhance your personal style. Shams are available in beautiful pastels, warm neutrals, and deep, dark tones to help you set a distinctive mood with your accent shams.

Experts suggest that making your bed every day gives you a sense of wellbeing and helps your bedroom feel tidy, even if everything around it isn't all in its place. Making the bed is so much more rewarding with sumptuous linens that give the bed its finished look. Coordinating your dust ruffles, sheets, throw blankets, and accent pillows with an embroidered sham can help you achieve the finished bed look when you make it every day.

Turn your bedroom into a restful sanctuary where you can relax, read, and unwind after a long day, in a bed covered with sumptuous linens and a pillow with an embroidered sham. You'll appreciate the careful attention to detail that gives the shams some texture and interesting visual impact.