Embroidered jeans come with sewn on decorations that make it easy to add some extra style to any outfit. Whether you're putting together an ensemble for a casual day or you're heading out for an evening of fun, discover all the ways you can work embroidered jeans into your look.
You'll find embroidered jeans in a variety of cuts and styles, including skinny, flared, and boyfriend. When you're creating an everyday look, embroidered jeans can bring an extra touch of style with ease. Choose embroidered jeans in traditional blue and pair it with a top that accents the colors in the embroidery. Finally, sandals or flats are all you need to finish the outfit.
When you're heading out for the evening, you can easily create a stylish outfit around a pair of women's embroidered jeans. Consider jeans in black or dark blue for a sophisticated touch. Then select a bright blouse and pair of high heels to match. To complete your look, go for a few chain necklaces for layering, bangle bracelets, and dangle earrings.
When you shop at HSN, you'll discover stylish embroidered jeans that make it easy to create a variety of outfits.

Embroidered Jeans