Electric Range

Whip Up a Tasty Meal With a New Electric Range

When you want to upgrade your kitchen to take your cooking skills to the next level, one option is to add a new electric range. Electric ranges come with a number of benefits. They heat more efficiently than ranges powered by gas, so they don't heat up the rest of the kitchen quite as much. An electric range usually delivers a more consistent cooking temperature, and it's easy to clean as you simply have to wipe down the surface instead of removing a grate. When you need to cook at a lower temperature, an electric range is also more effective.

At HSN, you'll find electric ranges from the top kitchen brands, including Samsung, Frigidaire, and LG. Choose from options in various sizes, based on the space you have available and how much food you usually cook at a time. It's easy to shop for other kitchen essentials while you're selecting your new range. Pick out a matching set of appliances to complete your kitchen or upgrade your cookware so you can prepare your favorite recipes with ease. At HSN, we have everything you need to outfit your cooking space so you can cook anything that strikes your fancy.