3 Stone Diamond Rings

Sparkle With Our 3 Stone Diamond Rings

The 3 stone diamond rings offer three times the sparkle and three times the style. Expect to inspire some serious envy when you're wearing these triple treats on your fingers.

Diamonds take center stage in these 3 stone rings. However, some of these rings feature complementary gemstones including peridot and moissanite. Most feature classic, colorless diamonds, but the collection also features rings with black diamonds, champagne diamonds, and turquoise blue diamonds that really pop.

At HSN we pride ourselves on providing high-quality diamonds of stunning clarity, color, and cut. However, we also understand that some jewelry lovers don't have the budget for these prized gemstones. That's why our 3 stone diamond rings collection also features rings with quartz “diamonds,” unique stones made from quartz that sparkle just like genuine diamonds. Despite their similarities to authentic diamonds, our 3 stone rings made with quartz “diamonds” cost a fraction of the price.

Our 3 stone diamond rings collection features exquisite rings to suit all tastes and budgets. With elegant gift boxes, these beauties make the perfect engagement rings. However, don't worry if you're single. They also make great gifts for yourself too!