Diamond Cut Rope Necklace

Stand out From the Crowd Wearing a Diamond Cut Rope Necklace

A diamond cut rope necklace makes an elegant addition to any jewelry collection. We proudly carry bronze and sterling silver diamond cut rope necklaces from celebrated jewelry brands including Michael Anthony and Bellezza.

Rope chains are a weightier and more eye-catching alternative to traditional link chains. The rows of metal are intertwined, like the fibers of a rope, for strength and style. The metal on these rope chains features precise diamond-cut angles. These deliberate cuts help the metal catch the light, creating a breathtaking glittering appearance.

Since diamond cut rope chains are so eye-catching many women and women wear them as statement pieces on their own. However, you can also jazz them up with a pendant. How you style your diamond cut rope chain is really up to you!

We have diamond cut rope necklaces of different lengths and weights to suit all budgets. Pay for your purchase up front or enjoy the convenience of FlexPay on most diamond cut rope necklace purchases. This innovative payment program lets you receive your new necklace now and pay it off over time with small, easy-to-manage installments.