Designer Diamonds Earrings

Sparkle Wearing Designer Diamonds Earrings

Marilyn Monroe told us diamonds are a girl's best friend. You'll believe it once you get your hands on a pair of designer diamonds earrings from HSN.

These earrings come from some of your favorite HSN jewelry partners including Deb Guyot, Joya, and Colleen Lopez. Many of them feature classic white diamonds, but there are also designer diamonds earrings made with red, blue, black, green, and champagne colored diamonds. Some earrings feature an assortment of diamonds while others incorporate other complementary gemstones such as amethyst, mother-of-pearl, and aquamarine.

With beautiful studs, hoops, and drops, we have designer diamonds earrings to suit all tastes. Some settings are classics while others look like bows, crosses, and flowers, giving them a dash of whimsy.

It's always the right occasion for designer diamonds earrings. While they're an obvious choice for special evenings out, don't miss the opportunity to incorporate a little sparkle into your every day. Our designer diamonds earrings can take your corporate outfits, sundresses, and even a basic jeans and T-shirt to the next level.

Genuine designer diamonds earrings are a true indulgence, but it doesn't have to hurt the hip pocket with FlexPay, our flexible payment program.