Decorative Wall Sconces

Bring Elegance to Your Home With Decorative Wall Sconces

Wall sconces add a beautiful touch of decoration to the walls of your home while bringing light to hallways, walkways, bathrooms, and soft lighting in bedrooms and living rooms. Wall sconces have been used for hundreds of years as a way to hold candles and torches, and after the invention of electricity, to hold light bulbs. In general, there are three types of sconces, and they refer to the direction that the light is cast, upward, downward, or an all-around light which creates a lovely diffused glow.

When displaying your beautiful artwork, place a decorative wall sconce with a downward cast above it to showcase its beauty. When placing wall sconces in a hallway, use one that has an upward cast to give soft illumination without blinding the walkway. During the holiday season, use wall scones designed to hold candles for a warm and festive glow.

Decorative wall sconces are also ideal for outdoor lighting, especially around the door area. Motion sensor wall sconces will pick up your movement when you approach the door and a warm light will turn on, welcoming you home. Shop HSN today for the beautiful collection of decorative wall sconces.