Cz Round Pave Necklace

Turn Heads Wearing a CZ Round Pave Necklace

Wear a CZ round pave necklace and wait for the compliments to roll in. The CZ round pave necklaces in HSN's jewelry collection are real show-stoppers.

Our round pave necklaces feature small cubic zirconia stones set close together in round designs. These closely set cubic zirconias create a striking paved finish, which is where this style of jewelry gets its name.

Some of our pave necklaces exclusively feature the small stones while others use the pave effect to accent a larger gemstone. Many of these necklaces feature classic clear cubic zirconias, but there are also necklaces with aqua, pink, and yellow cubic zirconias for women who love color.

These CZ round pave necklaces were designed with affordability and style in mind. Since cubic zirconia is a manmade stone, pave necklaces made with this gem are less expensive than comparable jewelry made with diamonds. These stones can be every bit as beautiful though, especially in the hands of HSN's leading jewelry designers including Leslie Greene and Joan Boyce. Sterling silver settings and chains complement the cubic zirconias while keeping the costs down.

Despite their relative affordability, you needn't pay for your CZ round pave necklace up front. For a budget-friendly solution, just choose FlexPay at checkout!