Cz Hoop Earrings

Dazzle With CZ Hoop Earrings

Every woman deserves a little sparkle in her life. You can get yours on a budget with a pair of CZ hoop earrings from HSN.

CZ, or cubic zirconia, is prized for its diamond-like appearance. Just like real diamonds, cubic zirconia comes in classic colorless varieties and a range of pretty hues. It also has an appealing sparkle when it catches the light. However, as CZ earrings cost a fraction of the price of comparable diamond earrings, they're an appealing choice for jewelry lovers on a budget.

We have CZ hoop earrings from leading jewelry makers including Michael Anthony, Lily Nily, and Leslie Greene. These designers know how to get the best from cubic zirconia, fashioning their settings for maximum sparkle. Sterling silver, yellow gold, and rose gold settings infuse the colorless stones with a luster that helps set each pair apart. Some of our CZ hoop earrings also have additional gemstones, including crystals and simulated rubies, for a dazzling effect.

Hoop earrings are a timeless jewelry option that every woman should own. They also don't need to cost a lot when you choose a pair of cubic zirconia hoop earrings from HSN.