Crown Ring

Treat Yourself to a Crown Ring Fit for Royalty

You believe you should be treated like a queen or a princess, so why not dress like one? Tiaras aren't everyday attire, but you can inject some regal flair into your daily life with a crown ring from HSN.

There's no ignoring these crown rings. They're unashamedly bold, with ornate metal settings and large faceted gemstones. Whenever you wear these rings, compliments and envious stares are sure to follow you.

Wear a crown ring with your favorite evening dress for a celeb-worthy red carpet look. But don't be afraid to make it your signature piece. Pair it with a pencil skirt, smart blouse, and a blazer for a no-nonsense corporate look. A crown ring can also add some whimsy to your weekend leisure attire.

Crown rings might have a regal look, but you don't need the royal family's budget to own one. They're relatively affordable, but you don't have to pay upfront if you don't want to. FlexPay, HSN's flexible payment plan, is available for all crown ring purchases. That means you can start wearing your crown ring now, then pay it off in small, interest-free installments. This flexibility is just another way HSN gives its shoppers the royal treatment.