Wear the Colors of the Rainbow on Your Finger

A colorful pear ring can dress up any outfit and immediately enhance your appearance. Your hands are often the center of attention, as you are writing, gesturing, creating art, shaking or holding someone's hand, or any number of possible activities.

A pear ring is an attractive shape for your finger, with seductive, bodacious curves and a striking tapered point. The pear shape may be accented by tiny crystals or creative metal scrollwork. More elaborate colorful pear rings play with geometry in astounding ways. For example, a ring may have a centerpiece gemstone in a pear shape and be surrounded by numerous other gemstones of various shapes, like rectangles and diamonds.

The ring forms you will discover on this shopping page are extraordinary. While they may feature a pear shape, there is no limit to the abstractions and manifestations that a colorful ring can take. Plus, you can shop HSN for pear shaped stud earrings and drop earrings for a matching style.

For more fancy finger accessories that will flatter your hand, check out HSN's elongated rings. If you are a lady who can't resist wearing a ring on almost every finger, mix and match a standout colorful pear ring with a skinnier eternity ring for a surprising contrast.

Colorful Pear Ring