Clear Quartz Jewelry

Enhance Your Look Elegantly With Clear Quartz Jewelry

Clear quartz is a powerful and versatile stone. Considered by many to be a natural healing stone, it's often used to amplify one's energies or intentions. Whether you're looking for a stone that will give you an emotional boost when you're feeling stressed, or you simply want a stunning piece of jewelry that will enhance your look, the clear quartz jewelry in this extensive collection can suit your needs.

Cut and polished, clear quartz is often used as an affordable stand-in for diamonds. Clear quartz "diamond" jewelry can give you the sparkle and shine that you'd get from a diamond in a piece that's a fraction of the cost. While just as stunning, clear quartz isn't as rare, so you can add more of it to your collection. Choose a pair of sophisticated earrings and a matching "diamond" quartz necklace for a head-turning look that can complement your style at any special occasion.

Clear quartz is a remarkable stone in its own right as well. A clear quartz pendant, illusion necklace, or tennis bracelet will add instant sophistication to your look. Check out the beautiful clear quartz jewelry options available from HSN.