Clear Chain Necklace

Discover the Versatility of a Clear Chain Necklace

No matter what your occasion or outfit, a clear chain necklace from HSN is the perfect finishing touch. HSN proudly offers clear chain necklaces from some of the world's most creative jewelry designers, including Heidi Daus, Joan Boyce, and Deb Guyot.

The clear stones embellishing these chain necklaces take on the characteristics of any color clothing you're wearing. Their versatility will see you reaching for these necklaces time and time again.

HSN has clear chain necklaces for all tastes and budget. Elegant delicate chains with small gemstones suit shoppers with conservative tastes while chunkier chains with more elaborate pendants appeal to women looking for something bolder. Most of the chains in HSN's collection are made with stainless steel or sterling silver. The silver color is a delicate foil for the clear-colored gems. However, if you love gold you'll also find selected pieces made with this precious metal.

HSN's clear chain necklaces feature a variety of transparent gems including quartz, cubic zirconia, and crystal. Enjoy a little pick-me-up with a bargain-priced clearance item or splurge on something more expensive. Pampering yourself is never a problem, with FlexPay available on all clear chain necklaces from HSN.