Chic Earrings

Discover a Pair of Fantastic Chic Earrings for an Instant Style Upgrade

What does chic mean to you? Chic earrings are those that are fashion-forward and are designed to make an impactful statement. Chic earrings are for women with all sorts of stylistic preferences. They can be adorable or edgy and can take your outfit from acceptable to exceptional.

You can find dominating earrings made of grand stones of aragonite or lapis lazuli or discover large studs that are embellished with an intricate pattern of inlaid gemstones. If you are in search of a look-at-me chic earring, browse the earrings designed by Heidi Daus, renowned for her vintage and outrageously gorgeous creations. For a more elegant look for a woman, check out the stud earrings by Sevilla Silver, whose styles place as much emphasis on the bezel as the gemstone itself.

Many of the earrings sold on HSN's collection of chic earrings include drop earrings that incorporate multiple elements, liked tiered sets of stones using different shapes or materials. Imagine the stunning contrast between turquoise studs dipping down into deep purple amethyst baubles. Or think about sky blue topaz studs that drop into a forward-facing hoop lined all around with matching topaz gemstones. You can find all sorts of stunning chic earrings like these on HSN.