Carved Turquoise Jewelry

Enhance Your Outfits With Carved Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise is a stunning ornamental stone that's known for its brilliant blue hue. While there are many imitators available, there's something special about authentic turquoise. Long prized as a holy stone and powerful talisman, turquoise is believed to improve mental clarity, boost intuition, and foster positive thinking. Turquoise is the birthstone for December and the stone associated with 11th wedding anniversaries, so keep this in mind if you're shopping for one of these special events.

Our carved turquoise jewelry takes this stone and gives it a wealth of added interest by shaping it like flowers, petals, butterflies, and more. You'll find turquoise in teardrop shapes, elegant ovals, and more. This gemstone jewelry typically features sterling silver, as this hue complements the turquoise beautifully. However, you can also find some carved turquoise jewelry on brown suede, offering up more rustic appeal.

Necklaces, rings, cuff bracelets, and more fill out this collection available from HSN. Pair these picks with more subtle pieces in a complementary metal to complete your look. Turquoise is excellent at serving as a statement piece, so you can use simpler earrings, chains, and other items with it when you're putting together a complete jewelry look.