Cabochons Native American Jewelry

Are you wearing the same accessories every day? It's time to update your wardrobe staples. Trends come and go, but turquoise is timeless. Celebrate the heritage of Native American designers and make turquoise cabochon your next jewelry obsession. The cabochons Native American jewelry collection features smooth polished stones in a variety of shapes. Choose from oval, teardrop, and cushion cut stones. Cabochon jewelry is perfect for women who prefer bold, colorful jewelry. Chunky styles include rings with clusters of large stones cradled in sterling silver settings surrounded by small accent stones.

Animal lovers will cherish cuff bracelets featuring carvings of eagles and horses set in solid sterling silver. Shop flower and Zuni-inspired Native American cabochons too. Choose from necklaces with solitaire pendants or rows of stones. Decorate your wrists with a bracelet made of long oval stones and silver links. Cabochon jewelry is handcrafted by Native American artists. You'll want to wear these pieces and pass them on for future generations to enjoy. Turquoise jewelry is an ideal gift for girlfriends and family members who appreciate bold accessories. Shop Native American cabochons today and refresh your jewelry collection.