Express Your Individuality With a Bold Necklace From HSN

Life's too short to blend in. Go your own way wearing a bold necklace from HSN. has head-turning statement pieces from some of the world's most celebrated jewelry designers including Heidi Daus and Deb Guyot.

These sophisticated pieces aren't for wallflowers. They command attention, with chunky chains and striking stones like amber, turquoise, and agate. Many are crafted with classic gold and sterling silver, but the collection does include some unusual pendants made from coral, white coconut shell, buffalo horn, and ebony wood. While they're all very different, the modern settings of these bold necklaces help set them apart from the pack.

Bold necklaces deserve to shine in the spotlight, so make sure you don't overcomplicate your outfits. Let your necklace be your statement piece. Wear it alone or pair it with simple, minimalist pieces that accentuate rather than competing. Bold necklaces look best with low-cut or scoop-neck tops or dresses that give them the space they need to take center stage.

HSN carries bold necklaces at a variety of price points. Most are available on FlexPay, which makes splurging on that enviable jewelry item so much easier!


Bold Necklace