Bold Coral Necklace

Enjoy a Pop of Color With a Bold Coral Necklace

Instantly elevate any ensemble with a bold coral necklace from HSN. Designed from striking orange and red coral in a variety of designs, these necklaces make a lasting statement. Choose from a simple strand of small coral beads on a sterling silver wire for a delicate look or chunkier beads that really make an outfit pop. The natural beauty of the coral shines through, bringing a bold and natural feel to complement a sweater or top.

Pair a coral necklace with a stunning set of coral earrings from our collection. A delicate pair of small, pink sea bamboo coral bead earrings adds subtle beauty, while large, chunky coral rock will make heads turn. Even classic hoops get in on the fun when they're adorned with faceted coral beads or a stack of disc-shaped stunners.

Top off your collection with a gorgeous coral cocktail ring. Available in a variety of styles and settings, these sparklers will help you channel a glimmer of old Hollywood glamour. The combination of natural coral and turquoise set alongside sparkling white topaz is particularly intriguing, effortlessly blending natural beauty with impressive rare stones.