Blue Topaz Band Ring

Feel Like a Mermaid Wearing Blue Topaz

With blue colors ranging from the lightest of sky blue to the dark blues of the ocean, blue topaz band rings from HSN are perfect for all who embrace a mermaid spirit. Blue topaz is a stone that has long been revered for its brilliance and luminous luster and makes a stunning addition to your jewelry collection.

If one blue topaz band ring looks gorgeous on your hand, why not have several? Choose a set of stacking blue topaz band rings to really light up your fingers. Add a sweet blue topaz bracelet to your wrist and you will look like the sky on a spring day.

When you are on a cruise through the gorgeous blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, wear a wide blue topaz band ring set with multiple stones of varying sizes and hues that match the colors of the water. Be sure to pack a blue wrap to wear over your shoulders when the evening sea breeze picks up. For a friend born in December, pick up a ring that is set with her birthstone — blue topaz. You can find the perfect blue topaz band ring when you shop HSN today.