Blue Apatite Jewelry

Make a Striking Impression With Blue Apatite Jewelry

Blue apatite is a stunning stone that some believe to have a strong spiritual vibration. Composed of fluorine, chlorine, and hydroxide, the stone typically has a brilliant blue hue, but the shade can vary from one piece to the next. You'll find blue apatite pieces in a deep blue, brilliant neon shade, or pretty pastel. The stone pairs beautifully with both sterling silver and gold, so you can find a way to fit blue apatite into nearly any jewelry collection.

Our collection features blue apatite jewelry pieces in many forms. Wear this brilliant blue stone in hoop earrings to add sparkle to every turn of the head. A rich blue apatite necklace is a versatile piece that can complement anything from casual weekend wear to your little black dress. If you prefer to keep your stones subtle, consider a blue apatite ring. Your gestures are sure to get noticed with this statement piece.

Blue apatite pairs easily with other stones, so you can purchase it alongside other gems in the same piece or pair your blue apatite jewelry with other types of gemstone jewelry. If you like adding color to your collection, you'll find plenty of options available from HSN.