Black Tourmaline Jewelry

There's no other gemstone quite like black tourmaline. This semi-precious stone is a crystalline boron silicate that's rich in iron, which gives it its distinctive dark color. Spiritual people swear it wards off negative energy and attracts positive vibes, so you might find that wearing it brings you good luck. Even if your black tourmaline jewelry doesn't possess such powerful qualities, it's bound to bring compliments your way.

HSN carries a beautiful range of black tourmaline jewelry from esteemed designers like Jay King and Deb Guyot. You'll find it featured in cocktail rings, dramatic drop earrings, elegant pendants, and more. Some of these pieces contain nothing but black tourmaline while others feature stones that complement the gem, such as black spinel and green jade. Each setting brings out different characteristics in this striking black stone. Choose black tourmaline jewelry in classic silver or luxurious gold.

While HSN only stocks quality black tourmaline jewelry, you can also purchase an HSN Protection Plan to protect high-end pieces for further peace of mind. Many pieces are also available through HSN's FlexPay payment plan, which lets you enjoy your jewelry now and pay it off in small, manageable installments.