For thousands of years, spinel stones have adorned the crowns of kings and queens. Today you can enjoy the same high-quality stones at home with a black spinel gemstone ring from HSN. We have beautiful black spinel gemstone rings from leading jewelry makers including Sheryl Jones and Colleen Lopez. Many of these rings were exclusively designed for HSN, so you won't find them anywhere else.

Spinel stones often have red and blue hues, which is why they were historically mistaken for rubies and sapphire. However, they also come in a rich black color that demands attention. Black spinel looks so striking as the centerpiece for any ring, but it also helps other colored gemstones including larimar, garnet, and aquamarine appear even more vibrant. Spinel is prized for its hardness, so your black spinel ring should look good for years to come.

A black spinel gemstone ring makes an excellent addition to any jewelry collection. We're confident you'll adore these beautiful rings, but don't forget about your loved ones. Spinel is one of the newest birthstones for August, so a black spinel gemstone ring makes a modern gift idea for your friends and family members born near winter's end.

Black Spinel Gemstone Ring