Look Dead-Drop Gorgeous in Black Drop Jewelry

Black is an eternally classic color. It can be sexy and mysterious, or it can be simple and elegant. The perfect little black dress can never fail as an outfit choice, so why not equip your accessories collection with some black jewelry to match that dress or any other fashion statements you make? Black on black is not all you can do. Black is incredibly versatile and can be worn with any color.

Drop jewelry is seductive, whether it's earrings draping down to your shoulders or a black chain or pendant necklace cascading down your neckline and chest. Black jewelry on its own has a commanding presence, but the magic of black is that it can be paired with any other color or metallic tone. It's just as beautiful with gold or silver metal as it is with vibrant fuchsia or orange gemstones.

Some natural materials that are used in black drop jewelry are black spinel, obsidian, black agate, black marcasite, smoky quartz, black mother-of-pearl, and black acacia wood. There are also cultured black pearls and synthetic black cubic zirconias. Plus, some artists use resin and black colored metal, like black rhodium. Update your collection of jewelry with the vast possibilities of black drop jewelry from HSN.

Black Drop Jewelry