Beautiful Blue Stone Jewelry

Bask in Beautiful Blue Stone Jewelry

If you're shopping for beautiful blue stone jewelry, you can choose from a range of gorgeous gemstones from pale, opaque turquoise to sparkling sapphire. Blue-green boho bangles are a staple look when you love turquoise. This stone can also be sophisticated and sleek when you go for glamorous drop earrings or simple studs.

When a darker blue is more you, stick to the brilliance of deep indigo sapphire, the quintessential jewel tone. We love this look for an alternative engagement ring. This precious gemstone is the classic gift for a 45th anniversary, so start shopping for your bride at HSN if you're approaching that milestone. It's also the birthstone for babies born in September.

For a bright, clear robin's egg blue, consider pieces with blue topaz. This stone is quite rare and is the official mineral of Texas, so it may have special meaning for residents of the Lone Star State. The brilliant hue of blue topaz looks amazing in a vintage-inspired art deco setting.

Tanzanite is a pale blue-violet that got its name from Tiffany & Co. Whatever your favorite shade of blue, we have striking stone jewelry. Expand your collection on a budget with affordable, convenient FlexPay.