Amethyst Citrine Jewelry

Amethyst Citrine Jewelry Pairs Complementary Gemstones For a Beautiful Look

Amethyst, the stunning purple birthstone of February, and citrine, the yellow birthstone of November, look beautiful when paired together in jewelry from HSN's collection. Amethyst and citrine are both semi-precious gems that can be placed into rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for maximum effect. Whether bold or delicate, a piece of amethyst citrine jewelry can compliment your personal style.

On the color wheel, yellow and purple are complementary colors that pair beautifully together. In shades of yellow, brown, and orange, citrine is a stone that can brighten your day. Amethyst is available in shades of lilac to deep reddish purple, and will compliment any style. Together, these gems are a unique combination and will be stunning in any jewelry piece.

Whether set in yellow gold or sterling silver, HSN's collection of amethyst citrine jewelry shows off each stone in bohemian styles, traditional styles, and small and sparkly styles that will compliment any existing jewelry collection. With a chunky ring or a statement necklace, you're ready to dress up a basic outfit for work, play, and formal occasions. HSN's amethyst citrine jewelry will always have you looking your best.