Amethyst Cabochon Ring

Access Vintage Elegance With an Amethyst Cabochon Ring

Cabochon-cut gemstones have a smooth, polished surface, rather than the angled surface common with faceted diamonds and stones. This cut is commonly used with amethysts because it shows off the mesmerizing clear interior of this blue-violet mineral. The elliptical shape of this cut works well with vintage-inspired settings that look like they've been in your family for generations.

The deep purple amethyst has been associated with royalty since 25,000 BC. This luxurious stone is said to evoke spirituality, trust, and intuition, so it's a beautiful choice if you want a piece of jewelry that will foster a connection with your sixth sense. Amethyst is the designated birthstone for those born in February, which makes the violet gem an especially meaningful choice for these individuals.

The classical elegance of the amethyst cabochon ring is enhanced by ornate settings and complemented by gemstones in hues from aqua to deep fuchsia. Add one of these beautiful treasures to your collection of rings with affordable FlexPay options from HSN. You can find high-quality pieces that go with every ensemble while staying well within budget. Whether you're shopping for yourself or looking for a gift for a special person, a gemstone ring is an heirloom-quality investment.