When you're looking for accessories that have more meaning than other options, check out jewelry made from the Amazonite stone. This natural stone showcases gorgeous shades of green and blue, sharing its hues with the deep ocean. Some believe that the energy of Amazonite jewelry helps temper aggression, providing a calming effect on the person wearing it. This stone is also called the stone of courage and the stone of truth. In history, South and Central American women and men have worn jewelry made with this natural, beautiful stone.
At HSN, you can find a variety of Amazonite jewelry options to complement your wardrobe and add some flair to your favorite look. If you want an Amazonite necklace, you can find options in different lengths and with different sizes of stones, as well as necklaces with multiple stones. Many people notice similarities between Amazonite jewelry and turquoise jewelry since the green-blue shades are alike. Along with this eye-catching option, you can shop the selection of other types of jewelry at HSN, with high-quality pieces that work with everything in your wardrobe. No matter what your personal style may be, you'll love how you look in a piece of Amazonite jewelry. 

Amazonite Jewelry