Alex & Ani Metallic Bangle

Enjoy the Modern Style of an Alex & Ani Metallic Bangle

Alex & Ani metallic bangles exemplify contemporary style. Get one of these modern accessories for yourself or someone you love at HSN.

Alex & Ani is a proudly American jewelry company based in Rhode Island's busiest city, Cranston. The brand's iconic bangles are recognizable for their simple wire bands and bold charms. Whether you're a Harry Potter fan, an animal lover, or a world traveler, there are Alex & Ani metallic bracelets made for you. Bracelets with daughter, sister, and friend charms make great gift ideas.

Unlike many bracelets, you needn't know your friend or family member's exact size before purchasing an Alex & Ani metallic bracelet. Each one is totally adjustable, so your loved one can customize your gift for the perfect fit.

Alex & Ani metallic bangles come in gold and silver finishes, so they're easily coordinated with other jewelry, including necklaces and earrings. Or you could leave your other jewelry at home and let these metallic bangles take center stage. For a bold wrist accessory that oozes contemporary style, look no further than an Alex & Ani metallic bangle from HSN.